Family Fun

This week’s I Heart Faces challenge was “Family Fun,” and though I know my submission will differ greatly from all the other beautiful posts, I absolutely had to share this project. As a Christmas gift to my brother and his wife, as well as to my parents and to my husband, I worked with my children and my niece and nephew on a “covert operation.”

This photo was my inspiration; I’m a huge fan of the band Queen and have always wanted to re-create this image. However, once we got started, the kids began sharing ideas and creating a wish list of their own — of images they wanted to reproduce.

This project ended up taking more than a month and lots of secret missions. But the experience of working with my children and my brother’s kids like this was what made my holiday so special this year. I’ve never felt closer to them in my life, and boy, did we have our share of adventures in the process.  Best of all, this is just the beginning – our list of images we’re still going to reproduce is nearly two pages long.  So the adventure continues!

Here’s the rest of the project that we’ve completed so far:

8 thoughts on “Family Fun

  1. This is incredible! The memories that you’re making are priceless. I’m sure you’ll end up with a photo book for each of them at the end, and it’s something they will treasure forever. Well done!

  2. What a fun family! I love it. The Beatles walk is my favorite! I am DYING to do that this summer. Love. Love. LOVE! So glad my friend Pam D. told me to come over here and check these images out. Fantastic!

    • Thank you so much! The kids and I had the greatest time creating them. We’re working on a new series now involving song lyrics. Can’t wait to get those done!

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