Elle Belle

My goddaughter is one of the most precious creatures in the world.  But beyond being such a beauty, what I adore about Elle is that at six years old, she’s more intelligent, worldly and wise than I could hope to be.  Elle and her mom live in NYC.  I met her mother more than eight years ago when we were working together on a national TV segment (she’s a major, award-winning producer), and a couple of years into our friendship, Elle arrived.  I’ve watched this mother and daughter team come together and take on a city that is almost unforgiving.  I’ve watched Elle and her mom battle potentially serious health issues – and overcome them.  And I’ve waited for the day that they realize that really, Oregon would make a great home for them.  (I say with my fingers crossed.) Fortunately, we’re able to get them to visit us once a year, where we try to surround both of them with love, and with experiences that only the west coast can offer.  We cherish all of our time together and are just waiting for the day that a transporter becomes available so we can just beam ourselves back and forth between our two homes.

Yesterday I snagged Elle and my daughter and took them to this wide (and windy!) open field – with the intent of getting some wide shots of her with a vista in the background. And while we did make that happen, truth was that the closeup shots were my favorites.  How could they not be? Look at this face!


3 thoughts on “Elle Belle

  1. very touching…innocence and wisdom mixed together. her eyes are captivating! this is a very precious picture.

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