No More Heavy Metal

Goodbye Heavy Metal ... Hello Smile!

My son loves Metallica.  AC / DC.  He’s huge on Cliff Lin. He loves pretty much most 80’s-style heavy metal he hears.  But one bit of metal he’s DETESTED for the past two-plus years has been the metal in his mouth!

When we started his braces journey, Zach’s teeth were crooked and bucked in ways that I’d not seen since, well, I was about his age.  So for the past 2 1/2 years, we’ve made regular visits to his awesome orthodontist.  I’ve watched as he’s shed tears from the pain of getting his braces tightened. As he’s (occasionally) had to be deprived of foods that he wanted to eat but couldn’t because they were too hard or sticky.  As he’s walked around with stuff caught between the brackets that made me a little crazy!   But in the end, it was worth it.    I’ve always adored my boy’s smile, but it’s never shined the way it did when today, the last piece of metal was pulled away from his teeth.

Zach & I celebrated the end of his metal mouth with a quick breakfast at the local Shari’s restaurant before I dropped him off at school.  And today, my often introverted, closed-mouth teenager leaped out of my car transformed into a happy, willing-to-smile, chatty springboard of a young man.  I’d call this a good day!

Zach & His Awesome Orthodontist!


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