I Heart Faces … A First!

This is the first time I’ve ever posted a photo to I Heart Faces – one of my favorite photo blogs.  In fact, I love the site so much, I decided to finally start a blog just so I could submit my picture!  (That said, I’ve been wanting to start a photo blog for a very, very long time … this was just the excuse I needed to make it happen!)

I took this picture of my sweet girl a couple of weeks ago, as part of a class assignment called “Bundled Up.”  I was taking static pictures of a scarf I happen to love, when Alexis grabbed this awesome hat (a Christmas present this year) and threw herself into my frame.  I think I took all of two pictures of her, and only realized how much the colors and light worked for her after I processed the images.  What luck on my part!  That also was the last time I actively tried to create pictures using still life.  I realized that I am the one who comes to life when I’m taking pictures of people who mean something to me!


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