Taking the Leap

One of my commitments to myself for 2011 was to begin taking my photography seriously – to move it beyond a hobby and into what I sincerely believe will be my next career (or at least an offshoot of my current one).  Since January 1, I’ve been privileged to be a part of the Big Picture Class “Picture Winter” program.    Each day, my two hundred-plus classmates and I have received an email prompt, giving us a suggested theme for the day.  And each day, I’ve watched as my fellow classmates have posted some of the most awe-inspiring photography I’ve ever seen.

Their work and encouragement has elevated my own photography, and bring clarity to what I believe is my signature “style.’   How would I define it?

– Emotive
– Colorful
– People-centric
– and Photojournalistic.

One classmate today described my photos as “fearless” and offering “stark vibrancy.”   There was something incredibly gratifying to me, to know that my photos actually struck someone as, well, in my language – brand-worthy.  I love tapping into this newfound creativity and look forward to watching how this chapter of my life unfolds.


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