Meet Floofy

Yesterday, Alexis and I had our eyes checked, meaning among other things that our eyes were dilated. Turns out that when young kids go through that process, their eyes can take up to 24 hours to return to normal … something to do with their pupil muscle strength, or something like that. So by early evening, my sweet girl was realizing how hard it was to go without being able to read anything, and was getting bored very fast.

Finally, she showed up by my side in the kitchen with a kit to make stuffed sock monsters (a birthday gift from her friend Timmy!) and she asked me to sit with her and make one.

I had NO idea how involved this process would be; there was some extensive sewing and cutting and stuffing involved. At first, I was going through the process somewhat begrudingly, thinking about the things I should be getting done in the house. But as she and I sat at the table and talked, Zach joined us and started talking, while sporadically working on his homework. Then Rick came to the table with his newspaper and his seltzer, and joined in. At one point, he started reading us articles from the paper and we all sat around and talked about issues impacting our neighborhood.

At one point, I had a thought: THIS is what it might have felt like before TV … THIS is how families really relate to one another. It was SUCH fun! The kids got the giggles dreaming up a new book called “Sisterzilla;” Alexis helped Zach with his homework (he had to write a proposal about a “world hunger” research paper and she was throwing him ideas about content). And at one point, when Alexis was standing by her brother and showing him the buttons we were thinking of using as eyes for her sock monster, he leaned over and kissed her on the nose.

It was a precious, precious night. And we now have “Floofy” to thank for it!


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