Yes, I do WORK from Home!

I’m so happy right now I could spit. Seriously, I just finished up what has to be the single-most productive work day I’ve had in a very, very long time. It has to be a combination of a few things: exercise, feng shui, springtime, my new-found educational resources …Whatever it is, it’s working. I feel SO good today. Like I really, really made a difference to my clients, with immediate and long-term benefits.

That’s been a feeling I haven’t had in some time. I think I’ve been afflicted by what so many people say concerns them about social media. For quite some time now – more than I’d care to admit – my social media outlets have made me much more social (electronically) but much LESS productive. Somehow, though, thanks to some of the books I’ve read of late (including Chris Brogan’s Social Media 101), I’ve finally FINALLY found the practical / business applications to these sites.

I’ve come out of a fuzzy, Twitter-fied haze at last. It took some time. It took a lot of time. But I get it. I didn’t think I would. And what I know now is: if I can get it, anyone can. JUST STUDY, people! The resources are out there! (Oh, and turn on Pandora or Jango and get the right music going in the background. That helps a lot too!)


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