Meet My Date

I had a date with my son today. Rick is out of town racing in Wisconsin (I’m insanely jealous, mind you – I love watching him race). And Alexis was invited to an all-day party with a friend. So … It came down to my baby boy and me. Yes, I still call him my baby boy. That’s what he’ll always be to me. But at 13 years old he really is much more of a man than I’d care to admit.

We dropped off Lex with her friend and headed south to watch my nephew play in his lacrosse game. My Dad – Zach’s hero – was there as was his cousin, uncle, aunt, nana. The whole crew. And after the game his cousin asked him to come home and play. His grandfather asked him to come to his house to watch war movies (his favorite thing in the world). And you know what? He turned them both down. Because he wanted to be with me. I couldn’t believe it!

My mom joined us and we went to the mall for a while. My thinking was I might check out some new clothes, but when we were passing the shoe department I looked down and noticed that my son’s feet already were bursting out of his relatively new (and not inexpensive) Merrell’s. So we stopped right there and picked up a new pair of shoes for him. Very cool ones too – Toms. That’s the brand where you buy one pair and they donate a pair to the needy. Love that. Made the purchase feel so justified; and when given the choice between those and a VERY cool pair of black converse, he voluntarily chose the charitable ones. Made his mom proud.

We picked up a few shirts for him, had a wonderful lunch (with my mom, and at one point Zach said, “you guys really can talk about anything, can’t you?) And then we headed home. On the way back, he gabbed my hand and kissed it. Yes, my son kissed my hand. And he said, “Mom, you are just about the coolest mom in the whole world. I’m so glad we’ve been able to spend the day together.” I melted.

How lucky am I? I have a teenage son who WANTS to spend time with me. Who WANTS me to himself every once in a while. And who actually THINKS I’m okay. I don’t know how long it will last, but I’m going to soak in the moment now so I can hold on to it when he’s moved past his old lady.

Now, must sign off. He just ordered “The Dirty Dozen” via OnDemand. And we still have to have dinner. Can’t keep my date waiting.


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