School Days 2005


Someone shoot me … shoot me right now. Yesterday and today were the kids’ first days of school – Third Grade for Z. Kindergarten for A. How can this be happening? But you know, they are both so happy. Z thanked me yesterday after his first day for sending him to such a great school and for giving him such a great teacher. A, today, just blew us off when we said goodbye. We’d already done all the pictures – at our house and in the class – and then she went and grabbed a book; helped herself to lying down on the carpet on her stomach; and proceeded to read and chat with her fellow classmates. When we said goodbye, that was it: “Bye Mom.” She waved. We were dismissed … Too funny.

So officially, today, at 9:15 a.m., I’m sitting here in my house for the first time, in a quiet house, dog playing by my side. MSNBC on my TV – not cartoons. And the time to write. It’s nice – and terrible – all at the same time. But as long as I know that they’re having fun, it’s all good …

Back to work!

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