Sophie Thornton

I’ve been so remiss in posting of late, and just have so many photos that are begging to be seen … Beautiful Sophie and I shot these dance pics MONTHS ago, but they still just make me smile every time I see them … Though I don’t have a graceful bone in my body, I absolutely adore working with dancers and capturing the beauty in their movements. This gorgeous girl really knows how to turn on a show when in the spotlight – I can’t wait to see what she does with her spectacular talent next!

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From Portland to Paris and Back Again | Portland Model Session

Back when Dominic was in high school, his mom hired me to take his senior pictures – something I’ll never forget since he had the greatest chiseled jawline and best smile.  I genuinely did see something in him that I thought was meant for the runway, and said as much to his family. Flash forward to today, and Dominic has secured representation from Q6 Model & Artist Management, has worked for some of the top sports brands in this market, and has even walked Paris Fashion Week for Givenchy.

I told Dominic not long ago that I really wanted to build my modeling portfolio, and he agreed to shoot with me again. We connected yesterday afternoon at my studio in Oregon City and before I knew it, four hours had passed! We had walked all around my fair little town, shot in a variety of locations, came back and shot in the studio, and totally lost track of time. He was so much fun to work with and we just bounced ideas off of each other. It didn’t hurt that he also has a fantastic sense of style, so he rocked an awesome range of fashionable looks in the process.

I’m ALWAYS looking for constructive criticism, and would love feedback here. What shots are your favorites? Least impressive? And what do you like or dislike about them – I’d love to hear from you!

And Dominic – thank you again so much for working with me. I certainly hope we do this again soon!

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Sophie Skloss – Model Focuses on Herself for a Change

Professional models know that their job is to work as “human clotheshangers” – statuesque and graceful beings whose job is to show off designer’s clothes. So when it came time to ask this professional model what she wanted for her very own photo shoot, Sophia was a little at a loss at first. Fortunately after filling out my (yes, pretty extensive) Q&A, she finally started talking about what she loves – beautiful parks, water, and sunlight. Fortunately for us, the weather fully cooperated on the day of her session and we just soaked up so much beauty at our different locations.

I adored that Sophie brought her beautiful mother and sister along – and we all had the most delightful time playing around West Linn to get her senior photos. Needless to say, she can deliver some spectacularly gorgeous high-fashion looks, but I really adored it when we pulled out the soon-to-be senior’s playful side and got her totally laughing!  It was also a very special treat when we were next to the river and the most darling little duckling started stalking our model … That baby duck didn’t want to leave Sophie’s side. Her mother mentioned that Sophie is an “animal whisperer.”  I now can say, based on first-hand experience – that her mom is most definitely right.

Thank you, sweet Sophie, for bringing both the fierce and the funny, the savvy and the sassy … You were a delight!

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Something to Make You Grin | Bliss Talent Agency Headshots

When I need something to make me smile, all I have to do is dive into my collection of client photos and I’ll always find joy.  Let me tell you, little could compare to the incredibly joyful session I had a few weeks back with this amazing duo.  Both Matthew and Michael are just the happiest, funniest and yet still wonderfully grounded young men.  The newest additions to the Bliss Talent Agency lineup not only were kind and gentlemanly as could be, but they also shared the most spectacular relationship with each other. It always warms my heart to see siblings get along so beautifully. (And it’s a testament to their parents, for sure!)

By the way, these two future heartbreakers also had some of the most gorgeous eyes I’ve ever seen.  Agreed?

Thanks so much to Sherry at Bliss Talent Agency for sending the boys my way. I can’t wait to see what kind of gigs you line up for them!

For information about scheduling talent headshots, please email me at

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Sports Lifestyle Fitness Session | Jewan

Great models are like great actors; they completely transform in front of the lens. That’s what I just adored about working with Jewan, from Portland’s Sports & Lifestyle Unlimited modeling agency.  The moment I met him in downtown Portland, I was absolutely enchanted by his charm and his kindness.  But he truly blew me away when he turned on the “fierce” for my camera. This recent transfer from California is following his passion for building his fitness modeling resume, coming to our fitness fashion mecca to work with the likes of Nike, Columbia Sportswear, Under Armour and many more.

While we managed to capture some absolutely mesmerizing headshots, what I loved most was shooting his fitness photos. There’s nothing a photographer loves more than lying on the ground on the eastbank esplanade, with a model hurdling overhead while we both laugh our backsides off and draw a crowd at the same time. Better yet, how about when I challenged this incredibly talented athlete to strike ridiculously athletic yoga poses on a MOVING PIER! And yet he absolutely nailed it.   Jewan – thank you so much for an absolutely spectacular time … I truly hope we get to work together again soon!

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Jewan's Fitness Session