New Technique

I discovered a new HDR-style editing technique that I absolutely love!  Amazing how I was able to transform a crooked, underexposed image into something almost magical.  This was supposed to be my year to learn and oh my! the things I’m learning. It’s all so exciting!

It’s also a great excuse for me to keep playing with my pictures from Italy!  :)

Before: Venice Canal / Underexposed & Crooked

After: Venice Canal with HDR Grunce Effect (image available for sale; click on photo for details)

What Secrets?

I want to schedule a trip back to Venice, where my assignment is to photograph nothing but doors. As a lover of history, I couldn’t help but wonder about the people and stories that passed through each one: generations of passionate hellos, sorrowful goodbyes and momentous transitions from childhood to adulthood.  Just like a face that has weathered the years without the benefit of plastic surgery, these doors both reveal and conceal the life within.

Image available for sale. Click on photo for details.


Quiet is not something that comes to our family easily. Or often. Take our two children, as well as our nearby niece and nephew, combine them with our well-known open-pantry policy and their collective gaggle of friends, and, well … you can imagine the rest.

So visiting the island of Torcello just outside of Venice was akin to visiting another world entirely. A once-bustling community with more than 10,000 residents — a town that was more robust than Venice at the time – today is home to just 20 people. It seems to be frozen in time.

We were only on the island for perhaps an hour — which included a “please-pay-your-one-and-a-half-euro-here” for using the island’s modest (but very clean!) bathroom – but on that island, and especially in the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, the peace that enveloped me for a bit is a feeling and memory that will last a lifetime. The church was built in the 400’s, according to our guide (or the 600s, if you’re asking Wikipedia), and it’s said to have housed, at least for a short while, the relic of St. Mark as it was being hidden during its transport into Venice. (After it was stolen from Rome.)

If I have an event in my life that requires me to “go to my happy place,” a time when I need to chill out, I think I’ll close my eyes and visit Torcello.

Sanctuary (Click on photo to visit online store)