Kylie | West Linn Photographer

In our hometown, Kylie is known as a survivor of the highest level … And indeed she is.  But beyond being a survivor, Kylie is one of the most delightful, outgoing, athletic and funny young women I’ve met … She, her beautiful mother Anne and friend Kennedy joined me last week for a combination headshot / lifestyle session, and all I know at this point is that Kylie needs to add “model” to all of the words used to describe her.  She absolutely delivered the most extraordinary range of looks with smiles, staredowns, sneers (upon request, only) and belly laughs to create a stunning assortment of photos for her portfolio.  Kylie, you know I had the time of my life working with you … Thank you for letting me capture the beauty that absolutely radiates from your inside, out!

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Splash | Oregon Coast Portrait Photographer

I Heart FacesWe had the most magical weekend in Netarts, where our family celebrated the 4th of July.  One of my favorite spots out in our little beach town is this tiny hidden pond about a half mile into the woods.  On Saturday, my daughter, niece and I ventured to the pond where we just relaxed and took in the sounds and sights.  I adored capturing this moment when Lex was watching her cousin toss rocks into the water … My little flaming redhead looks so serene! Thought this was a perfect submission for I Heart Faces’ call for “Splash” photos. What do you think?


Fairy Cinderella | West Linn Senior Photographer

I love to think that everyone has a little fairy godmother in them.  A few weeks ago at our stylized Disney session, I discovered that the incredibly beautiful and talented makeup artist, Kiera Bolden of Faces by Keira, most definitely has some mad fairy godmother skills.  See, one of my beautiful models became ill on the day of our session.  Though I was in a panic (since I had planned a lot of my shoot around five models), I figured I’d just have to move forward without her and make the best of things.

I began working on location with a couple of my models on site while my amazing makeup and hairstyle team remained back at my home helping the other models get ready for their camera time.  Somehow, in my absence, they started chatting and ended up deciding that Kiera should step in and BE one of my models.  Fortunately I had a large wardrobe of dresses and accessories, so before I knew it, she showed up on location looking stunning and also looking every bit of the Cinderella I’d dreamed to shoot.

So to Kiera – my beautiful Cinderella-meets-Fairy-Godmother, thank you for being such a stunning princess. I love working with you as a makeup artist, and now will always love shooting you as a model too!

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Chic Critique Retreat | West Linn Photographer

I’ve always loved the fact that with my photography, I get the chance to meet a beautifully wide array of high school seniors, small business owners, actors and actresses, and families. But I never anticipated the connection and professional satisfaction I’d enjoy by spending time with fellow photographers and photography mentors.  I’m delighted to say that my four days at the Seattle Chic Critique Retreat were some of the most surprising, FUN and educational days of my photo career!


Some of the nation’s most talented and respected portrait photographers banded together to educate about 45 students from across the country in a variety of photo and business techniques.  And learn we did. But more than that, we played and connected and shared ideas and kudos, all in the heart of downtown Seattle (during a gorgeous, mostly rain-free stretch). They brought in beautiful and inspiring models, fed us extraordinary food, gave us yummy swag (yeah!), took us on a surprise cruise, and kept us busy, entertained and crazy ENERGIZED the whole time.  In the end, I walked away not only with a newfound passion for my profession, but also with a number of brilliant, fun and inspiring and women I’m proud to call friends.

A huge thanks to the organizers and instructors of this amazing event including:

Kelli France | Chic Critique
Leah Remillet | Go4Pro
Brittney Kluse | Brittney Kluse Photography
Heidi Hope | Heidi Hope Photography
Spanki Mills | Spanki Mills
Jean Smith | Jean Smith Photography
Courtney Dailey | Courtney Dailey Photography

Ladies – I had the time of my life and already am enjoying the benefits of your spectacular workshop! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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Behind the Scenes | West Linn Senior Photographer

A few weeks back I posted highlights from my first-ever stylized session featuring modern Disney Princesses.  This session was the culmination of endless dreaming, visioning, Pinterest pinning and thrift store shopping. More than that, though, it also marked the end of torturing my family with this concept.


By the time I finally brought together my models, stylists, makeup artists, I had pushed my own family to endure hours of dinner table speculation. “What if Snow White was a strong, independent woman without the prince? What if Tinkerbell had sass instead of innocence?” The list went on and on…

Scouting locations was a huge part of the process too.  When I stumbled upon the enchanting and enchanted Bosky Dell Nursery – in my own backyard no less – I literally whooped out loud.But I still needed to know how the location would shoot. That’s where my precious and patient daughter stepped in to help model and seek out the best light and locations on site.

Good – and hopefully great – photography is so much more that what appears on the screen or on your walls.  It’s work and planning – and in my case, a patient and understanding family – that makes all the behind-the-scenes effort so magical in the end.

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