Rivergate School Graduation | West Linn Photographer

Color me happy … How often does a photographer get asked to host a session in the state’s most beautiful photo destination, anyway?  I had the honor of shooting Milwaukie’s Rivergate School’s graduating class – yes, all 11 of them – at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in Woodburn, Oregon.  And I swear, we managed to get there on the prettiest day of the year, with the flowers in full bloom.  To these amazing students and their families – thank you for allowing me to capture this momentous time in your life. It was an absolute pleasure working with all of you!

WoodenShoe1 WoodenShoe2 WoodenShoe3 WoodenShoe4 WoodenShoe5 WoodenShoe6 WoodenShoe7 WoodenShoe9 WoodenShoe10 WoodenShoe11 WoodenShoe12 WoodenShoe13 WoodenShoe14 WoodenShoe15

Coach Maloney Rocks | West Linn Sports Photographer


Last summer, I had the pleasure of shooting the West Linn Cheer squad’s official team poster – and the woman I had to thank for that very fun gig was my incredible sister-in-law, Shannon Maloney.   Many years ago (I won’t say how long) when Shannon and my brother were dating, she was an Oregon Duck cheerleader known for her incredible stunting.  Years later, she became the stunt coach for Wilson High School, where she helped drive that school to become the fourth-best team in the nation in their category.  Today, I’m THRILLED to share that my amazing, inspiring, strong AND beautiful sister in law (yes – I do adore her that much) has been named head cheer coach for West Linn High School.

Shan, I couldn’t be more proud. And to the amazingly strong and talented athletes on her team: you’re fortunate to have such a caring and skilled coach to guide you.  It’s going to be a great year!

From the official announcement:

 “I am excited to announce Shannon Maloney as our new Cheerleading Coach for West Linn High School. Shannon comes to us with many years of experience in cheerleading. Shannon participated as a cheerleader while enrolled at the University of Oregon and has many years of coaching experience. While coaching at Wilson High School she helped guide her team to state championships and national finishes. Furthermore, Shannon has recently been associated as an assistant to Nikki Stroup where she has built strong relationships with our girls. I have no doubt that Shannon will be a great fit for the program moving forward!”




Stephanie | Class of 2015 | Gladstone Senior Photographer

Sometimes, the stars align to bring people into your life for a reason. Stephanie and her wonderful family fall into that category for me.  Through a series of extraordinary events and ironic timing, we all found one another to create some photos last year that held some real meaning for us.  At the time, I didn’t even have a senior program, but I told Stephanie it was in my plans and if I was able to pull it together in time, I’d love for her to be one of my first reps in the Gladstone/Oregon City area.

When it came time for us to do her rep session, I was so concerned; I wanted her images to be great, but it being early March in Portland, I was afraid the rain would chase us away.  But because she’s such a trooper, Stephanie and her BFF Monica not only pushed through the rain, but embraced it, and created some absolutely slammin’ shots in the process.

Steph, you are such a beautiful young woman and I’m so proud to have you on my team!

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Stephanie1 Stephanie2 Stephanie3 Stephanie4 Stephanie5 Stephanie7 Stephanie8 Stephanie9 Stephanie10 Stephanie11 Stephanie12 Stephanie13 Stephanie14 Stephanie15

2014 Portland Shamrock Run | Portland Event Photographer

Today, our family joined the more than 35,000 tutu-wig-makeup-green-wearing Oregonians at the annual Portland Shamrock Run. I’ve lost count, but I believe this is at least the 10th consecutive year we’ve participated. Of course, as my maiden name is Maloney and I married a Mooney, it was pretty much a given that we celebrate the wearing o’ the green here, of all places, with our crew.

As always, the event delivered! We had the greatest time dancing, singing, watching the avid runners fly past us, and ultimately hitting the 5k walking course while touring our fantastic city.  We have an extraordinary family and are always so blessed to spend this time together.  This year I certainly missed my husband – who currently is traveling in Korea – and our 16-year old son who opted for sleep over the 6am wakeup call to catch our early morning MAX ride.  Nonetheless, we had a great showing and laughed all along the course. Erin Go Bragh, everyone! Enjoy your St. Patty’s Day!

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ActiveEDGE Wellness Center | West Linn Business Photography

They’ve rehabbed my son’s shoulder after he dislocated it in football.  They fixed my dad’s knees after a lifetime of sports injuries. They  helped my mom get her gait straight after a knee injury. My nephew? Yeah, they strengthened his overly-pronated ankles. As for me? Well, let’s see … Fixed a torn rotator cuff; rehabbed a knee after meniscus surgery and most recently, helped strengthen a weak hip.

Okay, so other than now knowing that our family is COMPLETELY genetically deficient – or that we’re just a big tribe of klutzes – you also know that the crew at ActiveEDGE know what they’re doing. Owners Dan and Melissa Morlan, who met and fell in love at physical therapy school and later opened their own PT office, recently have expanded into a 7,500 sq.ft., full fledged fitness and wellness center right here in West Linn.  With state-of-the-art equipment the likes of which even the OREGON DUCKS have come to covet, they have all the tools to help patients and walk-in clients alike achieve a holistic wellness balance that most of us had as children, but never fully appreciated until it was gone.

They offer classes, personal training, nutritional counseling, personal counseling and oh-so-much more. All new clients receive an extensive fitness test that is used to craft a customized fitness regiment that is do-able, and designed to make the process pain free and even enjoyable. And their staff happen to be some of the greatest people you’ll ever meet. Am I biased? You bet.  Is it with cause? Come see for yourself – you’ll never regret that visit!

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